My Dental Story

 I don't remember my first experience with the dentist.  However, my mother recalls that I was very uncooperative.  The dentist swiftly kicked me in the behind and said, "Don't come back"!  Throughout the rest of my childhood, I remember looking into my dentist's blue eyes while he worked on me, trying not to cry.  People often ask why I decided to become a dentist.  These experiences may or may not have had anything to do with my decision.

I didn't decide to "go out" in dentistry until my junior year of college.  As a senior in high school, I wasn't even sure that I wanted to go to a traditional college.  My father made that decision for me, insisting that all 5 of his daughters would earn a 4 year college degree.  I went to SUU, (then known as SUSC), and got my degree in zoology with a minor in psychology.  While in college, I got a job as a dental assistant.  My junior year, I decided I wanted to be a dentist; the very thing I was so frightened of as a child.


About Me

I have lived in Cedar City since I was 8 years old, except for my 4 years away at dental school.  I graduated from Southern Utah State College, (now SUU), in May of 1985.  I married Monty Sorensen of Cedar City that August and we moved to Kansas City, Missouri, two weeks later.  There I started dental school at UMKC.  I graduated in May 1989, ranked 4th in my class of 90 students.  Monty received his Master's degree in biology at UMKC while I was in dental school.  Following graduation we were lucky enough to be able to return to Cedar City.

Monty was hired as a biology teacher at Parowan High School and I was hired as an associate dentist at the office where I worked as a dental assistant prior to attending dental school.  After 5 years, I started my own practice.  I have been blessed to have great patients who put their trust in me.  Monty has taught at Canyon View High School in Cedar City since it opened.  We are also involved in our family sheep business.  We have two children: a daughter named Taylor and our son, Nick.  My hobbies include quilting, walking my dog, boating, shopping with girlfriends, and vacationing with my family.

Cedar City, Utah Dentist.  Shannon W. Sorensen DDS.  Depot Plaza 415 North Main Street, Suite 302, Cedar City, Utah 84720